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Discover Uptimum, a range of customized services designed by Eiffage Energie, enabling you to combine energy saving, comfort and technology.

Uptimum, manage energy

Energy performance today is subject to thorough and detailed regulation. More and more of our customers are seeking to integrate it into their growth strategies.
In view of this, on the basis of our considerable expertise, Eiffage Énergie has designed Uptimum, a complete range of services in support of energy innovation enabling property managers and facility owners with energy-intensive processes to reduce their consumption.  
Uptimum is a scalable solution comprising 5 phases. Customers can choose one or more of the following:
  • Energy Audit: this « snapshot » of the current situation enables you to target and qualify potential improvements over time, characterize necessary investment (and the return on investment) and prioritize energy savings opportunities. This audit is mainly for companies who need to know where they are in terms of energy performance.
  • Facility Management: after energy monitoring, which encourages awareness of waste and enables consumption to be matched to actual need, facility management provides both in situ and remote control of the different facilities which influence the company’s energy performance. 
  • Awareness-raising: genuine energy coaching from an operational viewpoint, which targets optimum comfort while monitoring energy consumption. Customers who benefit from awareness-raising are encouraged to change their behaviour and adopt the correct practices. 
  • Heritage enhancement: our experts’ recommendations are consolidated in a multi-year works programme listing practical solutions for reducing our customers’ environmental footprint sustainably.  To improve the “green” value of their assets, we advise them in particular to modernize some of their buildings. 
  • Fundraising: Eiffage Energie’s teams take charge of the time-consuming process of identifying regional, national and European aid. There is plenty of funding available in the field of energy efficiency, but the application process is complex. We target the appropriate aid for our customers, complete the financing applications and submit them to our partner banks, and renegotiate power purchase tariffs where necessary. 
Constant research and development ensure that Uptimum remains central to energy innovation, enabling us to anticipate our customers’ needs more efficiently.
Manage energy consumption and control your overall project costs with Uptimum!