Health and Safety

At Eiffage Énergie we are particularly attentive to health and safety in the workplace. We have implemented a safety and accident prevention policy involving all our staff, with special attention to line management.
These are the basic principles:
  • Guaranteeing people's safety, a joint and several liability issue at all levels of responsibility within the company
  • Anticipating and preventing unsafe situations as an integral part of daily management
  • Developing skills and improving personal behaviour and awareness of accident risk in the workplace, via information and training
  • Analysing incidents and accidents in order to avoid both trivialization and recurrence.


Eiffage Énergie has developed a number of prevention tools for our employees, to reduce the risk of accidents. These include site preparation, human and material resources, training, outreach tools and qualifications and accident prevention measures such as Management Safety Visits, accident analysis, "Fifteen Minutes of Safety" sessions and post-accident interviews.
Each year, Eiffage Énergie's entities are award winners in the Safety Competition organized by the SERCE and the OPPBTP.
Eiffage Énergie is also at the forefront of environmental issues, presiding the SERCE's National Environment Commission and working on the management and reclaiming of electrical and electronic equipment waste (DEEE).