Eiffage Énergie is built on the strong values of commitment and progress. From our beginnings in 1897 as the Société de Force et Lumière Électriques (Power and Electric Light Company) to our name change in 2011, the story we are about to tell you is a human adventure.

Pioneering network installation


Birth of the Société de Force et Lumière Électriques, after a demerger of the Société Anonyme d'Outillage et d'Éclairage Électrique Cance. The young company settles in Paris and is soon operating across the whole spectrum of electrical works of the period.


A number of agencies are set up, and company activity is extended to the whole of France. By the end of the 1920s Forclum has installed a quarter of the national network of VHV transmission lines. The Société de Force et Lumière Électriques du Nord (Northern Power and Electric Light Company) is founded in 1922.


The parent company merges with the Société de Force et Lumière Électriques du Nord, resulting in Forclum (a contraction of Force et Lumière Electriques)


Having survived the difficulties of the1929 recession (which led Forclum to join Lyonnaise des Eaux) our firm enters a new growth period and is soon one of the top French electricity companies, taking part in prestigious projects such as the Palais de Chaillot for the 1937 World's Fair.

Post-war reconstruction

Forclum joins the Group

Birth of Eiffage Énergie