Local authorities: improving the human environment

With our mobility, safety, communication and heritage enhancement solutions, Eiffage Énergie's teams can help you to build accessible, safe and pleasant cities, working closely with you to make our regions more attractive.

Lighting up the city

Our innovative public lighting and heritage enhancement solutions combine visual attractiveness and energy saving and are ideal for enhancing and developing the urban environment and improving the quality of city life. Our offer meets all your needs, from diagnosis, installation and operation to heritage upkeep.

Improving public safety

Public safety is a major concern for city dwellers. Our video protection systems are an effective solution, and can be either nomadic or integrated into your own system. Regular, transparent reporting is guaranteed for all the facilities we operate.

Developing digital coverage

Broadband telecommunications infrastructures play a primordial role in making our regions more attractive. At Eiffage Énergie we help you design your project and take charge of dimensioning, building and operating the information networks.  

Reducing urban transport congestion

Trams, buses, underground railway and charging points for clean vehicles blend harmoniously into the urban environment, improving access.
Eiffage Énergie is involved at all stages of the transport infrastructure technical and power supply chain.
We mobilize our different fields of expertise for your design-and-build and infrastructure operation turnkey solutions.
  • Road and motorway networks
  • Signage and traffic supervision
  • Low-emission transport
  • Ventilation of underground areas
  • Charging points for electric vehicles

Ensuring energy efficiency in your eco-city

Eiffage Énergie supports your sustainable city project with a range of optimization and energy performance solutions for urban facilities. These solutions cover our design-and-build, upgrading and renovation services, plus operation.
  • Energy audit and carbon assessment
  • Recommendations concerning the regulatory framework or labelling policies
  • Suggestions for raising public awareness
  • Savings guarantees on total ownership costs
  • Respect for user comfort levels

Improving regional access

Eiffage Énergie is involved in a number of major national projects, putting our expertise into use on high-speed rail lines and in airports.
These public-private partnership projects (PPP) prioritize consultancy and customization from the research phase to the operation and maintenance of the facilities.