Sustainable Sourcing Policy

Purchasing represents over 50% of Eiffage's revenue. Our suppliers and subcontractors are integral to the Group's current and future value, and a vector of our capacity for innovation, since they take part in the deployment of sustainability and contribute to operational performance levels.
Preserving and increasing our supplier "capital" is one of our major preoccupations.
The Eiffage Sustainable Sourcing Policy aims to challenge and stimulate improvement in our procurement practices.

Code of conduct

Eiffage's procurement policy is well-structured and efficient, piloting coherent, effective and ethical sourcing strategies. It defines the Group as sole exemplary purchasing agency, adopting a systematic approach to sustainable development clauses in our invitations to tender and supporting our suppliers and subcontractors in the move towards sustainability.
In 2009, Eiffage Group drafted a code of conduct for all our purchasers, whether professional buyers or employees who occasionally need to make a purchase. This code of conduct specifies the Group's ethical position regarding:
  • Respectful and long-lasting relationships between Eiffage and our suppliers. All types of conflict of interest are prohibited.
  • The Group's commitments to sustainable development. This issue is central to relations between Eiffage and our suppliers.