Key Figures

Nearly 25,000 employees
3.4 billion euros of revenue on 31 December 2016
2.6 billion euros of orders on 31 December 2016



Eiffage Énergie designs, builds and operates networks and energy and information systems, while respecting people and protecting the environment.
We are a true "general energy company" with engineering competencies covering the whole electricity and thermal chain, and telecommunications. Eiffage Énergie offers comprehensive, multi-technical services which can be gradually adapted to all types and sizes of project, from design to operation and maintenance.
Eiffage Énergie offers innovative solutions for local authorities and the service and industrial sectors, in France and abroad. Our dense network of sites enables our customers to establish close relationships with the technical teams in charge of their construction and renovation projects.
Eiffage Énergie draws on the experience of nearly 25,000 employees, and achieved 3.4 billion euros of revenue in 2016.
Eiffage Énergie is also active in Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Latin America. We are developing our international activities, notably in Africa. Find out more


At Eiffage Énergie we assist our customers by providing suitable financing solutions. Our teams are sources of proposals and know how to raise and phase financing in order to optimize overall project costs.


Eiffage Énergie's constant capacity for innovation and invention enables us to put a full range of skills into use when imagining and designing customer projects. The project approach provides us with a better grasp of the issues at stake in the service and industrial sectors, and in the field of public and private infrastructures, no matter how complex.


At Eiffage Énergie, with our network of local sites, we carry out operations of all sizes, from local projects to major national programmes. Our multidisciplinary teams work together with the Group's other major sectors: ConstructionInfrastructures and Concessions.

Operation and upkeep

At Eiffage Énergie, we are more conscious than ever of the importance of service for firms and local authorities in our activity sector. Our company's solutions are designed for quality and built to last.

Employee shareholders: team spirit of another kind

Our employee shareholders represent more than a simple investment: they are part of a culture which unites our staff, strengthens the Group and guarantees its independence. 62.81% of Group employees are shareholders, representing around 21.1% of capital.